• [bugfix] Default CustomSupervision’s notification_workflow to None

  • [improvement] Add to the idp v38 starter flow

  • [improvement] Properly identify settings as Classification settings



  • [feature] Add support for on_error_flow construct in error handling.

    • Can be used only in the flow level error handling section

    • Available in Hyperscience Platform V38 and above.


  • [feature] Add support for compatibility_spec construct in blocks.

    • Available in Hyperscience Platform V38 and above.


  • [bugfix] Remove extra parameter http_config from SubmissionBootstrap block for R32.


  • [improvement] Setting a range for pydantic between 1.10.11 inclusive and 2.0 non-inclusive .



  • [improvement] Updated pydantic version to 1.10.8.


  • [bugfix] Added missing http_config parameter to SubmissionBootstrapBlock.

  • [improvement] Updated documentation for I/O blocks.



  • [feature] Decision dependencies for Custom Supervision is available!

  • [feature] Mandatory decisions for Custom Supervision is also available!

You can find explanations of both features and examples of the JSON configuration in the Decision components section of Custom Supervision.


  • [feature] Hyperscience Platform V35 has been released!

    • updated blocks

    • starter examples

    • Check out some of the new features v35 features, released in recent flows-sdk versions:

      • PythonBlock, how to store and load binary data, use 3rd party libraries and more in 1.1.0

      • How to use structured logging, also visible in the UI in 1.3.0

  • [feature] A new system block has been introduced - Foreach!


  • [improvement] Added a log method to HsBlockInstance

This is done in preparation for an upcoming V35 feature that will expose better logging functionality for flow developers, making it available for both CodeBlock and PythonBlock.



  • [improvement] A reference to the code function passed to CodeBlock and PythonBlock is now available on the block object under block.code_fn


  • [feature] Hyperscience Platform V34 has been released!

You can find the updated blocks in the usual implementations.idp_v34.idp_blocks package as well as the new starter examples.

  • [feature] New block - HyperscienceRestApiBlock available for V32, V33, and V34

This block allows you to make API requests against the Hyperscience Platform APIs. Check out the docs to learn more!


  • [deprecated] Removed the Kofax Folder Listener IOBlock

If you are using this block, we recommend migrating to the Universal Folder Listener IOBlock.


  • [feature] Added a new block - PythonBlock

This requires a Hyperscience platform version 34.0.0+


PythonBlock is a special type of block that can execute custom python code on the Hyperscience platform. Similarly to CodeBlock, the code can utilize packages that are part of the Python Standard Library, but it also allows developers to utilize third-party python packages.

Check out the docs to learn how.

  • [feature] Introduces HsTask and HsBlockInstance system arguments for code blocks

This requires a Hyperscience platform version 35.0.0+

The HsTask class can be used to access flow run metadata - most prominently the correlation_id which corresponds to the submission UUID. HsBlockInstance allows users to store binary data to the platform and retrieve it later as a mechanism to transfer such data between blocks.

Please refer to the examples under code snippets for more information on how to access these classes in code block functions.


  • [improvement] new properties for v32 CaseCollationBlock and v33 MachineCollationBlock

Both now have the dedupe_files property, with the v33 MachineCollationBlock also adding remove_from_cases.

Check out the docs to learn more: flows_sdk.implementations.idp_v32.idp_blocks.CaseCollationBlock, flows_sdk.implementations.idp_v33.idp_blocks.MachineCollationBlock

  • [examples] Added a new example for custom supervision using v33 blocks

You can find it in the examples page - IDP Custom Supervision V33

  • [examples] IDP starter examples for Hyperscience v32 have been updated

The examples IDP Starter V32.0.9+ and IDP Starter V32.0.0 to V32.0.8 were packing an outdated flow definition, which is now updated.

IDP w/ Code Block could result in a halted submission. It should now properly execute end-to-end on the Hyperscience Platform.


  • [improvement] reference_name is now an optional property for all blocks.

This requires a Hyperscience platform version 32.0.11+ or 33.1.1+

It’s still a good idea to provide meaningful reference names when instantiating blocks, but if the property reference_name is not set, a unique one will be generated.


submission_bootstrap = SubmissionBootstrapBlock(reference_name='submission_bootstrap')
// { "reference_name": "submission_bootstrap" }


submission_bootstrap = SubmissionBootstrapBlock()
// { "reference_name": "auto_submission_bootstrap__1" }
  • [bugfix] Fixed a bug where IDP Starter V32 would not work on Hyperscience platforms after 32.0.9. There are now two separate examples - one for 32.0.0 to 32.0.8 and another one for 32.0.9+


  • [feature] Introduces the implementation.idp_v33 package that contains block definitions used by v33 of the Hyperscience platform

  • [improvement] Added an IDP Starter Example that uses v33 blocks